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My interior designs have been called capricious and whimsical non sequiturs; a kind of decorative joie de vivre that critics have called both “shocking and deliciously enchanting.” I sometimes chuckle at the humorous designations intended as off-handed compliments for my work. I’m noted for extremes and for being very eclectic, those are definite trademarks of my work. So is my handling of unusual juxtaposition, a design ploy I call the “art of entwinement.”

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  • ‘Becoming one with the ocean’
    ‘Becoming one with the ocean’
    Becoming One With The Ocean The stars at night shine big and bright for Meryl Cohen at her high-rise hideaway on Galveston’s East Beach. There’s also sunrises, sunsets and sandy beaches in between. With an interior that blurs the line between real-time views of the Gulf of Mexico and memories brought back from Southern California, […]
  • The Veil of Kashmir – Part One
    The Veil of Kashmir – Part One
    The Veil of Kashmir – Part One Kelly began traveling to Kashmir in 1978. The weaving of this web began with a lifetime friend Tariq Kathwari and the ongoing process of the KGA flip for Tariq at “Jewel House.” “The Jewel of Kashmir – Part One” is the first of a four part series by […]
  • “Memorial Day Floods” – Renovation & Recovery
    “Memorial Day Floods” – Renovation & Recovery
    Memorial Day Floods – Renovation & Recovery Memorial Day, 2015, Houston Texas. Wide spread flash flooding wreaks havoc on many Houstonian’s homes, leaving them to sort through whats left of their cherished possessions. Kelly Gale Amen, an experienced Interior Designer helps one family put their life back together. Working hand in hand with the home […]
  • “The Princeton Estate”
    “The Princeton Estate”
    The Princeton Estate A home is incomplete without a warm and inviting family space, a beautiful kitchen, and a cozy breakfast area. Moreover, the first thing that the visitors notice is the entrance or the salon which they are brought in. This project addresses all these aspects of a clannish and modern home where the […]
  • “Montrose Family Home”
    “Montrose Family Home”
    Montrose Family Home There is no place like home for a family where they can gather after a long and tiring day at work or college and spend some time in peace. Ultimate comfort is the theme of Montrose Family Home with everything designed to perfection to support the idea. Another subject that this project […]
  • “KGA Downtown Boutique – 2nd Renovation”
    “KGA Downtown Boutique – 2nd Renovation”
    KGA Downtown Boutique – 2nd Renovation A budding downtown loft has been transformed into a modern and promising space with creative furniture and a touch of historic space details. A total area of two thousand square feet has been utilized perfectly to reflect a metropolitan way of life – something where we all feel comfortable […]
  • “2013 ASID Showcase House”
    “2013 ASID Showcase House”
    2013 ASID Showcase House What could be a better option than to make use of the showcase design profile by The American Society of Interior Designers to display your creative skills? This is a perfect example of an indoor-outdoor setting where the garage has been converted into a Loggia and the remaining space has been […]
  • “New Orleans Penthouse”
    “New Orleans Penthouse”
    New Orleans Penthouse New Orleans Penthouse project is a perfect example of delivering the message “less is more” when it comes to redesigning to make excellent use of available space. The entire space is surrounded by windows to give a breathtaking view of the Crescent City and to create new dreams and possibilities with the […]
  • “New Orleans Tavern Transformation”
    “New Orleans Tavern Transformation”
    New Orleans Tavern Transformation Nothing is more delightful than to transform an existing facility into something more creative and more usable. New Orleans Tavern Transformation is that kind of a project where you get a chance to experiment with a lot of things to create a warm, cozy and beautiful home for the client. With […]
  • “Tanglewood Family Home”
    “Tanglewood Family Home”
    Tanglewood Family Home If you want to witness creativity squirting energy constantly with the help of amazing collections and a wall of mirror, see the Tanglewood Family Home coming to life within your neighborhood. The entire space was transformed to give a completely new look and a new setup for enjoying the life to its […]
  • “Sustainable Houston Family Home”
    “Sustainable Houston Family Home”
    Sustainable Houston Family Home A family home is incomplete without objects that appear to be thriving and radiate energy to give life to the whole ambiance. The moment you enter this home you start experiencing warmth and relief – two things that make a house a “home”. A mixture of bamboo, cork, glass, air, and […]
  • “Old Santa Fe Adobe”
    “Old Santa Fe Adobe”
    Old Santa Fe Adobe “Old is gold” is the message this historic and comfortable home gives to the world. Some of the highlights of this project are excellent hidden design details, stunning use of wood, and an amazing display of visuals. One thing that made this project a success was the use of a remarkable […]
  • “Atlanta Family Home”
    “Atlanta Family Home”
    Atlanta Family Home This project was full of opportunities as the transition from an unassuming, under-construction house to a beautiful, warm home took shape and made it a reality. Atlanta Family Home was finished to exact specifications of the client’s dream and reflected the inner beauty of a cozy home. A hidden garden was added […]
  • “Houston Town Home”
    “Houston Town Home”
    Houston Town Home High-rise living has given birth to a new form of abodes with multiple layers of functionality and a whole new creative experience of interior designing. Houston Town Home is a living example of one such dwelling in which contemporary art has been combined with layers of display for a better and more […]
  • “Spicewood Lake House”
    “Spicewood Lake House”
    Spicewood Lake House What could be better than an old house ready for renovation to try new ideas and themes? Spicewood Lake House would be just that and more giving you a chance to indulge in the beauty of nature. Lake House is supposed to be modern, comfortable and extremely inviting and this is what […]
  • “Houston High Rise Condo”
    “Houston High Rise Condo”
    Houston High Rise Condo Vertical living has evolved at a tremendous pace in recent years as interior designers recognized the usefulness of these spaces and the opportunities that surround them. This beautiful Houston High Rise Condo is meant to give you the exact taste of playful and exciting high-rise living. Our client has an inclination […]
  • “Bellaire Family Home”
    “Bellaire Family Home”
    Bellaire Family Home A beautiful, cozy and highly usable cottage is our Bellaire Family Home offering a combination of side gardens, a master lounge and a comfortable guest room. Exotic woods and mahogany surroundings are the themes of this family home providing an ideal dwelling for a small family. There are two living areas as […]
  • “Town Home Art Collector”
    “Town Home Art Collector”
    Town Home Art Collector This is a townhome located in Houston; one of the first that we designed in this area. Raw concrete and minimal detail are the main highlights of this project, something we enjoyed working with tremendously. The client’s amazing art pieces collected from around the world have been displayed perfectly using paint […]
  • “Montrose High Rise”
    “Montrose High Rise”
    Montrose High Rise Montrose High Rise is the ideal second home with two bedroom and two bath units as well as a balcony that gives the opportunity to see the city lights and enjoy the skyline. The brilliant use of colors mixed with mirror and beautiful shades are some of the highlights of this project. […]
  • “Memorial Houston Family Home”
    “Memorial Houston Family Home”
    Memorial Houston Family Home A Houston family home is incomplete without a traditional Texas touch featuring the ranch style and perfect use of open space. The room that served as a living area originally has been converted to a modern and highly usable dining room housing a beautiful dining set and ample lighting. The original […]
  • “Wimberley River House”
    “Wimberley River House”
    Wimberley River House What could be more serene and wonderful than a home surrounded by a natural setup of rivers, gardens and a wild outdoor living? Wimberley River House is a perfect example of one such home where fiber art and natural rock have been introduced to convert it into a cozy and beautiful abode. […]
  • “Houston Empty Nester Home”
    “Houston Empty Nester Home”
    Houston Empty Nester Home When two people start their life together they need a space that would reflect their dreams, ideas and personal taste and would also be their comfortable nest. Houston Empty Nester Home is an example of one such home where specific space is dedicated to music room and special dining area to […]
  • “Museum District High Rise Living”
    “Museum District High Rise Living”
    Museum District High Rise Living The heart of Houston has been converted into a beautiful high-rise loft for those who enjoy layered structures. This one comes with an industrial flare for adding to the fun and creativity. Some of the highlights of this project include rolling doors, open ducts, use of mirror in the passageways, […]
  • “Urban Loft Living”
    “Urban Loft Living”
    Urban Loft Living If you want to enjoy life in downtown Houston, there is nothing better than a loft converted into an urban setup. This historic loft becomes home to some of the finest KGA art furniture to showcase its uniqueness and magnificent. There is enough open space to get creative with as well as […]
  • “KGA Midrise Staircase”
    “KGA Midrise Staircase”
    KGA Midrise Staircase This one is a classic example of using some object as the limelight and creating a theme just around that particular object. In this case, the KGA Midrise Staircase becomes the center of attention with accompanying surroundings. Every room in this small setup opens up to the staircase to allow easy and […]