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KGA Design – A journey into pashminas

Our profound and ever-growing relationship with magical India is no secret by now. Our fabrics are all handcrafted in Kashmir, with ultimate care and attention to detail. However, the end of 2023 brought about more than just KGA patterns – it surprised us all with a new relationship and collaboration with the incredible pashmina manufacturers of Kashmir. 

Thus, we spent the last few weeks of 2023 and the first few days of 2024 in the company of Amjid, a manufacturer of high-end pashminas. In the company of Kelly Gale Amen, Amid delighted Houston’s finest venues and people with his creations. Flowery and flowy strands of fabric, one more versatile than the other, were exhibited as the fine pieces of art that they are. We are very excited to show you some photographic evidence of what is the first step in a fruitful long-term collaboration. 

If you are interested to know more about our pashminas, use our contact form and get in touch at your earliest convenience!  

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