ASID Showcase Home

Sugarland, Texas | Residential

ASID Showcase Home

What could be a better option than to make use of the showcase design profile by The American Society of Interior Designers to display your creative skills? This is a perfect example of an indoor-outdoor setting where the garage has been converted into a Loggia and the remaining space has been filled with a mixture of stone, wood and metal surfaces.

Some of the highlights of this project include Zina Garrison Paint day products, Stark Carpet, Antonio Farfan and the collection of KGA Art Furniture. The masterpieces have been picked by hand to give rise to a remarkable collection by famous artists and vendors from around the world.

The Showcase House of the Gulf Coast Chapter 2013 is definitely a stunning success and an animated center of entertainment for those who recognize the importance of art and creativity in life.

A stunning indoor-outdoor setting with an animated mixture of stone, wood and metal surfaces.

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