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KGA Mid-rise Staircase

This one is a classic example of using some object as the limelight and creating a theme just around that particular object. In this case, the KGA Midrise Staircase becomes the center of attention with accompanying surroundings.

Every room in this small setup opens up to the staircase to allow easy and quick access to the floors above. The central space has been put to excellent use and extra space has not been wasted for a large staircase. It’s a highly modern setup – one that appeals to almost everyone whether they have a flare for interior design or not.

The rooms have been adorned with mirror and extra lighting for perfect illumination of small space. Some other highlights of this project include double insulation for achieving optimal temperature and reclaim of stone and oak flooring to create a blend of traditional and contemporary living.
Enjoy the creativity of this beautiful home and indulge in the ingenuity of the unique staircase.

Unique object as focal point of a fresh, playful design


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