Spicewood, Texas | Renovation

Spicewood Lake House

What could be better than an old house ready for renovation to try new ideas and themes? Spicewood Lake House would be just that and more giving you a chance to indulge in the beauty of nature. Lake House is supposed to be modern, comfortable and extremely inviting and this is what we have tried to achieve in this project. The amazing stone exterior and the modern indoor setting make it a perfect lake house.

The main attraction of this home is the serene swimming pool on the second floor along with family and guest bedrooms. There is also a terrace to give the client a chance to view the spectacular hilly surroundings including a flora for a complete peaceful experience.

The lower portion of the house is dedicated to providing some private space to the family with a cozy and warm family room and casual surroundings set in neutral colors.

Modern, comfortable and extremely inviting living in spectacular, hilly surroundings

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