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Townhome Art Collector

This is a townhome located in Houston; one of the first that we designed in this area. Raw concrete and minimal detail are the main highlights of this project, something we enjoyed working with tremendously. The client’s amazing art pieces collected from around the world have been displayed perfectly using paint for moldings and texture to put emphasis to the whole setup.

A resign table from the KGA collection goes in the center of the living area. Highly visible locations have been selected for placing each and every art piece and decorative item so that the client would be pleased with the visuals.

The sleeping area gets an antique look with old linens and ancient art collections. The fourth floor is home to the Master Suite as well as a balcony that gives a spectacular view of the city and its unmatched beauty. A bold use of colors is what you will notice in this townhome that is to become our first townhome in Houston.

Raw concrete and minimal detail highlight art pieces collected from around the world. Painted moldings and texture add extra emphasis to KGA’s typically bold use of color and striking juxtapositions throughout the space.

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