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When spaces are problems

It’s very easy to think of a space as nothing more than a support for living. A few functional pieces, somewhere to sit, somewhere to eat, and one may say that the interior dilemma is sorted. Nothing could be further from the truth. Studies upon studies have demonstrated that the quality and aesthetic value of a room significantly impacts wellbeing. Where there is clutter, or no harmony, the inhabitant feels sad, lonely, uninspired, and eventually tires out. Where there is coordination, juxtaposition, and balance, the viewer feels energized and ready to tackle the life outside. 

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Let our vision be the solution

At KGA Design, we think of interior design as a solution to life, not an addition. Our arrangements and rooms are meant to support a happy and energizing existence, to go beyond the pretty and into the affirming. Our spaces are carefully crafted to evoke the feelings most useful to the customer’s personality and needs. Briefly: we’re more than just a pretty face. 

Kelly Gale Amen

Problem Solving
Interior Design

Give yourself the gift of mental and emotional freedom in your space. Our designer, Kelly Gale Amen, understands how crippling a badly organized space can be. We are familiar with that feeling of breathlessness in your own room, and we are here to help you change that today

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250+ Projects

Homes, stores, boats, porches, gardens, parks, museums, embassies – and the list goes on. KGA Design has redecorated virtually every type of imaginable space, be it residential or commercial.

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50+ Original Pieces

Vision is both blessing and curse. When the objects to satiate Kelly Amen’s vision did not exist, he decided to make his own. Now, 30 years later, KGA Design has an extensive catalogue of original bespoke pieces.

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50+ Years

It all started in the late 1970’s. A young designer moved to Houston with big ambitions and a degree in interior design. Ever since, he has been an unstoppable force of artistry. Luckily, we kept evidence. 

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House-Made Original Pieces

There is no such thing as the perfect piece of furniture. Anyone trying to sell you that is a scam. But there are pieces that fit rooms better than others, pieces that are better fits for your lifestyle than others, and pieces that can last you a lifetime and continue to bring you joy. Finding them, however, we found is a real hurdle. That’s why we created our own portfolio of original, functional art furniture. KGA Design offers a vast range of pieces that you can have made on-demand. 

Manufactured With Style

Our metal pieces are carefully manufactured by a family-owned foundry right here in the United States. On Demand. Our relationship with the foundry is one we cherish to our core, and we invite you to explore our journey together throughout the website. 

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Our Work, Documented

Our pieces are truly timeless. Don’t believe us? Explore our most recent scrapbook, Vintage Glam, and try yourself to place the images in time. You will see that, short of some cues such as telephones, it is nothing short of impossible. 

Our visual identity has remained authentic throughout the years, despite its constant evolution. We invite you to see for yourself. 

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I've Been There

My whole life has been about spaces. In spaces I’ve lived, in spaces I’ve loved, in spaces I’ve suffered. To put it briefly, I’ve been there. I’ve been in your shoes. I know how suffocating a bad space can be. I know how a mind adapts to the space it’s made to think in, being unbelievably capable of becoming cluttered, uninspiring, and often dirty.

For the last five decades, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people like you improve the quality of their spaces. Through a game of color and juxtaposition, and a personal passion for mirrors, I can turn any space into an environment for happiness. And that’s exactly what I do. 

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We’ve put together a series of archives and brochures that encapsulate our work and present it in an easily digestible graphic interface.

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