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How Do We Solve An Interior Problem?

The best test for the capacity of an interior designer is their own space. Join us on a journey through Kelly Gale Amen’s own condo, which iterates itself in newer and surprising versions each year to echo the designer’s vision and life. 

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250+ Projects

Homes, stores, boats, porches, gardens, parks, museums, embassies – and the list goes on. KGA Design has redecorated virtually every type of imaginable space, be it residential or commercial.

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50+ Original Pieces

Vision is both blessing and curse. When the objects to satiate Kelly Amen’s vision did not exist, he decided to make his own. Now, 30 years later, KGA Design has an extensive catalogue of original bespoke pieces.

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50+ Years

It all started in the late 1970’s. A young designer moved to Houston with big ambitions and a degree in interior design. Ever since, he has been an unstoppable force of artistry. Luckily, we kept evidence. 

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Truly Timeless

Our pieces are truly timeless. Don’t believe us? Explore our most recent scrapbook, Vintage Glam, and try yourself to place the images in time. You will see that, short of some cues such as telephones, it is nothing short of impossible. 

Our visual identity has remained authentic throughout the years, despite its constant evolution. We invite you to see for yourself. 

Functional Art

Through our Functional Art Furniture catalogue, you can have a piece of KGA Design without re-doing any part of your home. 

From pillows & poofs to custom fabrics, to rugs and wallpapers, to beds, cast metal furniture, and anything else you can think of, a piece of KGA vision is available for purchase. With each piece bespoke to customer needs and award winning creations like the Commemorative Bench (displayed in places like the American Embassy in Russia or the Stafford Museum), our furniture is sturdy, beautiful, and crafted with your interest and comfort in mind. 

Get in touch with us to discuss options and get you a piece that will enhance your space, a-la-KGA!

Manufactured With Style

Our metal pieces are carefully manufactured by a family-owned foundry right here in the United States. On Demand. Our relationship with the foundry is one we cherish to our core, and we invite you to explore our journey together throughout the website. 

Press Features

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The Man Behind

After obtaining a Graduate Degree in Interior Design from University of Oklahoma, designer Kelly Gale Amen did the unthinkable: turned living with art into art of living. Now, after almost five decades of excellence in interior design, Kelly’s name is a renowned brand.

The journey of KGA Design starts in 1974, when Kelly quit his two-year job at Foley’s to launch a brand of his own. It took two years for his work to grace the cover of a national magazine for the first time. Since then, his acclaimed interior vision has been displayed in many of the world’s biggest publications, from Vogue to Southern Accents to Residential Interiors. He designed homes, stores, boats, and even a controversial condom-filled Tiffany’s window in 1987. His projects earned him awards like Traditional Designer Of The Year in 1998, and the Texas Star of Design award in 2008.

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From scrapbooks & brochures to archives containing our most relevant work throughout the decades, the book collection will give you a visual story of the KGA brand. 

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