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There are few moments in a designer’s life more full of joy than when their work is being celebrated by a publication or institution. Likewise, there are few moments more fulfilling than looking back on past projects and rejoicing in the clients’ joy and happiness. For this reason, KGA Design keeps a thorough evidence of our past work and press features. On this page, we invite you to discover our appearances and history.

Press Features & Magazines

Discover our press features and appearances in an easy-to-navigate online publication! We’ve got over 4 decades worth of features, ranging from fashion magazines to interior design publications, from English to Chinese. These features are our pride and joy, and perhaps the most valuable token of our achievement, so we could not be prouder to share them with you! Enjoy! 


Collated on a year by year basis, our portfolios encapsulate literally all our work throughout time. Presented in the same easy-to-read manner as the press archives, our Folios are online PDF collations of KGA design projects and collaborations. Simply click on a period you’d like to explore, select the year, and navigate through the online publication using the instructions prompted on screen. 

1970 - 1979

1980 - 1989

1990 - 1999