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At KGA, Interior Design must be 3 things: personalized, highly qualitative, and as inexpensive as possible. If this sounds like your kind of project, then take a look at our Services. You can also find out more information in our KGA Design Brochure. 

A Glimpse Of What We Do

“In a city of big personalities, Amen is among the most fascinating. He launched his career with clients with big budgets, but he never lost touch with more humble homes in need of a creative eye.”

Houston Chronicle, March 2018

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The journey of KGA involves the turns of many pages, but it involves the lucky and honorable features on some rather prestigious pages too. We’ve put together a collection of the biggest press appearances of KGA. 

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Discover our work in an organized manner! We’ve put together an image index that allows you to explore our work by specific keywords, rooms, and even by color!