Kelly Gale Amen

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Functional Art Furniture

Discover our collection of bespoke, award-winning pieces that grace both the homes of our many clients and several institutions. Created and curated for individual client needs, our pieces swiftly become totems of any space.

KGA Design prides itself in the originality of our creations. If you are curious about the creative process that creates the pattern you see above (and more), then join us and discover our sketch page. 

No promises, but there might also be an insight in our welding and cast metal furniture creation processes too! 

Kelly Gale Amen Houston Interior Designer | K 8 9 original sketch

Decor & Patterns

A stylish home is denominated by its attention to details – and when it comes to interior details, the pattern make all the glory. Anyone can get a big centre piece, but when the curtains don’t match the rugs, disaster is imminent. Thankfully, at KGA Design we’ve got you covered with a selection of exclusively-designed patterns & cushions that you can customize to your own needs and that are certain to enhance any space!