Kelly Gale Amen

Premium Interior & Furniture Design

Problem Solving

Interior design that primarily addresses a functional or logistical issue, and secondarily enhances the residence from the full sensory perspective. 

At KGA Design, we focus on design that sustains life, with all its ups and downs. Be it emergency renovations or holiday homes, we’re always there to provide the full service. Here’s what we offer:

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Interior Design Rates

Working with KGA Design goes beyond a singular project. We offer a range of services and solutions and are selective about our clientele – we want to work only with the people we know we can help. We remain affordable for the premium quality of service we offer, and invite you to book a phone consultation before discussing the price. In the world of KGA, compatibility matters more than affordability! 

Initial Consultation

It’s hard to choose what you love – so let us figure that out for you. Our service begins with an initial consultation. You will have plenty of conversations with Kelly, during which you will explore what you hate in interior design. We will then present your options, and take over. 

Moving Spaces

Our experts provide complete, house-to-house moving services for you and your loved ones. In consultation with Kelly, you will select what to take, what to leave, and what to buy. Our team will subsequently take over and do it all for you in just a few weeks. 

Full Renovation

Do you feel like you’ve been living in the same space as everyone? Does your space feel dull and uninteresting? Do you come home and feel… nothing? Our team can come in and change that. Kelly will ensure that your space becomes a reflection of your energy, and supports your lifestyle – whichever that is. Explore our end-to-end renovation services today! 

Lifelong Relationships

Your projects don’t need to be major to require premium interior design. Our goal is to form a relationship with you, and support you and your spaces for the rest of your life, be your needs big or small. Moreover, most of our customers are now lifelong friends. So, will you join our circle? 

Custom Furniture

Most of our custom furniture is created for the spaces we re-decorate, however our catalogue is always available for private orders. If there is a piece that interests you, contact us and make an enquiry! 

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