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Are We
Right For You?

Hint: most likely, yes. But on this page you will be able to find our rates, our process, and ways to get in touch for specific products and services. 

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Interior Design Rates

We work at a premium rate, however our prices and rates depend on the complexity, dimension, and timeline of a project. We recommend getting in touch and booking a consultation. 

Step 1 - Consultation

During the consultation, our team will come to your project, led by the designer himself, Kelly Gale Amen. We will sit and discuss your needs, your expectations, and also evaluate the size, potential, and options for the space you want redone. 

Step 2 - Proposal

Our team will retreat and take some time to come up with a solid proposal. The proposal is always heavily detailed and concerns every aspect of your space, so that all your needs are satisfied. Everything in the proposal will be presented to you, and changed and discussed and adapted according to your preferences. 

Step 3 - Implementation

Once you like what we have in mind, our team will get started on implementing the proposal. If you’ve selected pieces from our Original Creations catalogue, the foundries and factories will be working tirelessly to deliver your bespoke items as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your involvement in this stage is minimal, but essential, and it is always better if you are on site with us. 

Step 4 - Handover & Final Touches

When the project is ready, we will walk you through the new space piece by piece. Every change will be presented, every item inspected, and anything you do not like or want changed will be changed. With us, you are free to change your mind even after we’ve done all the work – and we are more than happy to start the process all over again!

Custom Furniture

Most of our custom furniture is created for the spaces we re-decorate, however our catalogue is always available for private orders. If there is a piece that interests you, contact us and make an enquiry! 

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