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Metal Furniture

Designed with love, welded and cast with the utmost precision and mounted to perfection, our metal pieces are the perfect attention-grabbers for any room. Using the latest technology in terms of manufacture, our products have minimized weight and can be transported easily, while simultaneously maximizing durability. Explore our metal catalogue below.

[ Cast Metal ]

For each of our Cast Metal pieces, a stencil is created using the ultimate technology. Metal is subsequently melted and poured into the cast, then left there until cold. A specialised team polishes and refines the pieces, then send them off so that the last touches can be made. Our Cast Metal furniture is our most intricate yet – and we invite you to discover it! 

[ Welded Pieces ]

Our collection of welded pieces is created using an older manufacturing process because of their design. Metal pieces are welded together so that our products are fabricated to the highest quality. 

At The Foundry

Discover the intricate process by which our metal furniture is created, in this immersive video experience at the foundry!