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#CancerBelowTheBelt La Griglia Party

#CancerBelowTheBelt La Griglia Party

The event was held at La Griglia February 9th honoring all survivors of cancers below the belt and to promote the awareness of screenings and early detection. #CBTB is a cancer awareness campaign started Kelly Gale Amen- interior designer, functional furniture artist, prostate cancer survivor and owner of KGA Design. In lieu of an admission ticket, guests were encouraged to show their support by purchasing raffle tickets for a Custom KGA Commemorative #CBTB Bench, a KGA Commemorative #CBTB V-Pillow, or by simply making a donation. Guests in attendance were served hors d’oeuvres provided by La Griglia while they mingled and shared their stories of cancer, early detection, intervention, and awareness. Jeff Shell of Neil Hamell Modeling Agency came with a gang of models who dropped their pants and set a festive atmosphere. Meryl Cohen, former Vice President of Education and Training at Planned Parenthood and current #CBTB Sexual Education and Awareness Representative on hand with her husband, Judge Murry Cohen, to answer any questions about sexuality and awareness. Las Angeles Performance Artist, Amy Kaps, showed her support with a live performance titled “A piece of Me” which incorporated the KGA #CBTB Fabric and with the proceeds benefiting #CBTB. In the party room of La Griglia there was a photo booth set up for guests to #DropItToStopIt with photographer Kai Lerner.

The hosts of local radio show Real Estate U on KPRC 950AM, (E.L. Crain, David McSween, Wendy Schnell, and Jared Anthony) were among the many people adventurous enough to #GetCaughWithYourPantsDown. #CBTB would like to give a special thanks to E.L. Crain and Jared Anthony for their ongoing support of this campaign that brings light to cancers too often left in the dark.Aside from the food, fun, and festivities many of the people in attendance left with a new knowledge of early detection and ways to live more aware of the dangers of cancers below the belt. We encourage anyone who wants to #DropItToStopIt photograph themselves when they #GETCAUGHTWITHYOURPANTSDOWN and send them to us at

Check out an article written about the event in Paper City:

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