Bering & James Gallery hosts Kelly Gale Amen at FotoFest 2006 “No Shortage Here”


February-April 2006, Houston, TX
Bering & James will host a FotoFest™ “Fine Print Auction Pre-Party”
on February 23, 2006 at 805 Rhode Place #500, Houston, TX 77019.
“No Shortage Here” by KGA opens Friday, March 17, 2006 at 6-9 p.m.

2“No Shortage Here” is a satire on the power struggle to control world energy. This is a collaboration of historians who delve into the world of photography, furniture and energy. Houstonians have long been at the front of the energy scene. This exhibit combines the talents of Houston artist Kelly Gale Amen to provide Houstonians with ideas and lessons in the war of power.

Interior designer Kelly Gale Amen will feature a piece of original fabric furniture, then covered in resin and perched on oil drums in the center of the new Bering & James gallery space.

No Shortage Here : Kelly Gale Amen : FotoFest 2006Bering & James has moved their Rice Village gallery to 805 Rhode Place #500, Houston, TX 77019. Bering & James was nestled in Rice Village off Bolsover Street for four years. The new location is behind the Federal Reserve Bank on Allen Parkway and next to Gravitas Restaurant. The Rhode Place gallery is 3,300 square feet, nearly five times the previous Bering & James gallery space.

5The Rhode Place gallery opened on February 1 and debuts with FotoFest. Bering & James will host a FotoFest “Fine Print Auction Pre-Party” on February 23, 2006.

Contact KGA at 713.522.1410 for more details, or to get more information about Bering & James, contact Blakely Bering at 713.529.0351.


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