kgafotofest1bPhoto By Jay Branson

The Ninth International Month of Photography is scheduled to take place March 1 – April 1, 2002 with exhibitions spanning more that a century of lens-based art. FotoFest’s exhibitions will create a special focus on Mixed and New Media works presenting video, on-line art projects, digital works and cross-disciplinary installations combining photography, sculpture, and painting. The Classical Photography exhibitions, predominantly black and white photography, from the 19th century to the late 20th century, will highlight important work rarely seen outside its country of origin.

This multi-discipline collaboration grew out of a group exhibition at The KGA Compound hosted in October 2001 titled “Degrees of Fire.” The exhibition showcased 15 artists including furniture designed by Kelly Amen, photography by Jay Branson, and painting by John Palmer. “Fire” represented the creative energy of 15 artists. Fire also is the name of the Dalmatian who lives at The Compound. Images of fire were also used as elements of some of the photography. This exhibition for FotoFest is titled simply “Fire” best described as “Art on Fire.” The exhibition includes metal and upholstered painted furniture designed by Kelly Amen and photographed in various stages actually on Fire.

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