FLUID – FLOW – FLUSH, KGA Energy Exhibit

FLUID – FLOW – FLUSH, KGA Compound Exhibit

FotoFest 2004, Mar. 12 – Apr. 12, 2004


Exhibiting Artists: Kelly Gale Amen, Scott Griesbach, Barbara Jones

Exhibit Essay

Three artists from three disciplines converge at the KGA Compound to create an atmosphere heavy with visuals.

Kelly Gale Amen from Houston, Texas is widely recognized for work traditionally in the realm of creating fine art objects, Art Furniture and creating intense living and working spaces. Previously he has contributed to FotoFest with his tribute to “Fire” in which he set his Soft Sculpture Art Furniture ablaze to photograph the action and create a tangible body of work relating to the performance. Here he has created a montage of images, drawn from his Art Furniture and displayed in video form within an installation at the KGA Compound.

Scott Griesbach of Santa Monica, California has contributed new work from his well respected digital manipulations as well as a video created from and inspired by The Orange Show’s Art Car Parade, Spring 2003, in Houston, Texas. Scott has work in a variety of collections including the KGA Compound, Pinnacle Financial Solutions and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Barbara Jones also from Houston, Texas is best known for her paintings. She has created an all-encompassing installation in a single room at the KGA Compound. Sourcing digital photographic imagery she has collected in her work as a painter she has created a “waterworld” in which the viewer will experience a virtual drenching.

The converging of these artists has prodded each to re-invent their perception and place in the arena of fine art as it relates to the theme of this exhibition and each other. As they collaborate and separate, mesh and divide, Kelly Gale, Scott and Barbara have come together again through their respective efforts and solutions to the challenges brought to them by this exhibition.

While each artist has roots in diverse media, videos and installations bring this small group together under one roof for their contribution to FotoFest 2004.

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