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Folio 66: Celebrating The First Half of 2023!

Can you believe the first 6 months of 2023 have already passed? The pandemic is long gone, though sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday. And as our brand came out of the shell, we got really busy, really quickly. 

Therefore, we decided to launch an initial archival documentation of the first half of 2023, in the shape we know best: our folio 66. Lucky number, you say? We think so too. In this piece, you will explore the incipient phases of several major projects that we decided to take on. And when we say back in full force, we mean it: they are all in different corners of the US. 

The biggest lesson we’ve learned so far is just how grateful we are, and should be, to have each other. And so through this folio we celebrate all the clients that entrusted their spaces to our KGA brand. Explore the folio by clicking here:

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