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Houston designer creates the V-pillow to bring attention to below the belt cancer

HOUSTON, TX – It’s no secret that cancer can strike anyone, at any age, in any part of their body. But when it comes to certain types of cancer such as prostate, ovarian or colon, silence can also be a killer.

“In 1993, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer,” said artist and interior designer Kelly Gale Amen. “I was too young. I had no symptoms. I had no idea that I could be ill.”

Amen is a cancer survivor but also someone who has put his experience into action. He’s the founder of “Cancer Below the Belt,” an initiative to raise awareness about these forms of cancer; and also the creator of a pillow that will certainly do the job.

“The Athena pillow could also be a vagina,” he said.

The pillow is on display at Ken Kehoe & Company at the Houston Design Center, and no one’s left out: it comes with her match… the phallus pillow.

The price for the V-pillow is $999, and $204 for the little one. Sales are used to support the campaign. As you can imagine, the fabric and its texture are very comforting.

“People love it,” explains Amen. “They use it. They embrace it. They always remember that awareness is what keeps us moving forward.”

And speaking of campaigns, there’s more: under the hashtag #getcaughtwithyourpantsdown, Amen is committed to making the fight against below the belt cancer go viral. So, here you go, people pulling their pants down for a good cause. Finally! Of course, our team at NewsFix was willing to join the effort. But then we got a phone call from the HR department and well… that was that. At least we tried.

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