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KGA Design & The Caravan – A Dinner For Courageous Conversation

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We are so incredibly happy to announce our collaboration with The Caravan on a special event last week in Weatherford, Oklahoma. And who else to tell the story better than the incredibly talented journalists from The Weatherford Daily News, who write as follows: 

“Friday evening saw an unlikely group gather at the Tom Stafford Museum for a night of conversation and compassion across social, political and generational lines.

The event was hosted by The Caravan, an organization that originated in Los Angeles, for the purpose of uniting Americans during a time of tension and divisiveness.

“We are bringing people together across differences to have courageous conversations to hopefully create better understanding,” The Caravan founder Ben Caron said. “The idea for this project began during the 2016 election, when I watched as Americans began to speak about our fellow citizens with increasing anger, contempt and distrust.” Since his initial idea for the project in 2016, Caron has raised funding for the organization and educated himself on how to unite differing people groups.” (Kimberly Lippencott on Monday, June 13, 2022 for WSN). 

After the event, the organizer Ben Caron wrote as follows: 

Hello from Tulsa, Oklahoma! The Caravan is in motion toward Nashville, and we just wanted to say, “thank you” to everyone who attended the dinner on Friday night, with a special thank you to Kelly Amen for his generous support, Theresa Schoonmaker and the entire team at the museum for hosting us, and to Todd Earp for saving us when we got a flat tire on our RV! “

We would like to express our gratitude and encourage continuous support for The Caravan’s ongoing mission. Find more details about The Caravan on their website:

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