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KGA hosts reception for Alison Baumann

KGA hosts reception for Oil Heiress Alison Baumann at his Woodway Apartment

Following Baumann’s appearance at Murder By The Book, where she was introduced by longtime friend Harris County district attorney Kim Ogg, a reception filled with surprise and suspense awaited supporters at KGA’s new Woodway apartment.  With a menu created by Dennis Stark, that included such delights as an altar of brie and brioche, skewered tomatoes from The Garden of Good and Evil, radicchio hearts with chevre bacon and dates, tangerine yams, “White Trash Genghis Khan” (braised Mongolian beef shank on Fritos) was enjoyed by all.  The full article by Clifford Pugh can be seen here.

Dennis Stark, Alison Baumann, with Kelly Gale Amen and the Altar boys
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