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A Feast of Light and Color

Upon combining decades of experience, a client about which ‘dear to us’ would be a grotesque understatement, and a space as inviting as the one we’re about to present you with, you get nothing short of a feast. This particular project is one of KGA Design’s most floral, and rightfully so – the residence is constantly bathed in light, from all sides.

We’ve therefore undertaken the mission of celebrating this light with color that responds well to sunny environments, yielding us with various shades of blush, red, and blue. In terms of textures, we’ve chosen geometric patterns that play with shadows when lit from certain angles, to create the image of a constantly changing piece.

The result is, like we mentioned, a feast of light and color. The eye travels relentlessly around the room, without tiring, without being overly exhausted by information, but constantly searching for the origin of light. But upon realising that the origin is outside of the space, why bother. It’s so much cosier to just stay in!

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