Kelly Gale Amen

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Color & Comfort

Location: Houston, TX

Date: October 2018

Category: Upscale Mid-Rise

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To find one’s path and embrace of the creative spirit is not always easy! Living alone, living in a group or simply knowing how to touch and surround your energy with your dream, this is the path to a healthy adventure.

This client loves color and has embraced the value of space and her collections!    We have moved everything that she loves, placing it in juxtaposition with the logic of fewer and more usable current rooms!    We have added color through stripes, ceiling, walls and coverage of trim!   Color and its illusion have given us the path for new and exciting embraces –   beautiful space!

It is not always the square footage – it is the combination of the creative energy, the freedom of the client and the art of the craftsmen!   A team that works!

Don’t be afraid to live with what you love!

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