Connecting Wellness and Nature

Houston, Tx | Doctors Wellness and Therapy Center

Wellness and Therapy Center

The calmness and serenity surround the staff and patients as the designing eye of KGA carries natures form from outside to a quiet, clean and blissful environment.  The patient can now focus on therapy and wellness leaving the noise and distractions of the outside world  behind.  Messages of wellness and positivism surround the patient in every room and hallway throughout the facility.  From the bamboo trees and the images of water flowing, the patients decompress and open their minds to positive thoughts and learning.


Kelly Gale Amen Design was engaged by the Wellness Institute of Neurodevelopment (WIN) to create a serene therapy environment.  Judy Nichols released the following article about the facility. (Click Here)

From the curve of the bench in the seating area to the white pristine halls, nature’s calm travels the office.

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