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Empty-nester Home

Houston, Texas | Small Home

Empty-nester Home

When two people start their life together they need a space that would reflect their dreams, ideas and personal taste and would also be their comfortable nest. Houston Empty Nester Home is an example of one such home where specific space is dedicated to music room and special dining area to enjoy memorable feasts.

The original living and dining rooms have been combined into a beautiful salon to serve both their needs. An open kitchen complements the entire setup and makes it easy and convenient for the family to entertain their guests. Mirror has been added to hidden spots and dark colors and textures have been used throughout the theme to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

This beautiful little abode is something you absolutely need in the 21st century to move ahead with everyone else and to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable life in the midst of creative energy.

A beautiful, luxurious 21st-century abode creates an inviting ambience to nurture its owners’ creative energies.

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