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Houston Townhouse

High-rise living has given birth to a new form of abodes with multiple layers of functionality and a whole new creative experience of interior designing. Houston Town Home is a living example of one such dwelling in which contemporary art has been combined with layers of display for a better and more influential setup.

The spacious Master Suite comes with large open windows for brightness and vivacity. The modern kitchen is one of the main attractions of this town home along with the cozy entertainment center. The third floor becomes home to a beautiful guest suite as well as other usable space.

The vertical nature of this home is part of its charm and coziness making it possible to utilize the entire space for adopting contemporary living in the heart of Texas. The facility can be converted to a new dwelling with changing needs of the client so that it continues to be a practical and highly self-serving space.
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You can explore images from this project in a magazine-style digital publication now. This way, you will be able to discover the rooms as we intend you to, guided by our words. 

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Explore our project through one of our walkthrough videos, where you can get special insight on the creative process and even tips & tricks from Kelly himself. 

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