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Houston Townhouse

It’s not mandatory to undergo a full renovation to get a touch of premium interior design for your space. In fact, most big projects come after our team helps the customer with a smaller, initial issue. 

For example, after Kelly supported this client with a post-flood renovation, they came back for more advice. “I appreciate his expertise!  He knows the market.  He knows color and detail. Story: when the inspector came to look at the house post repipe, he said my house had character!  Yes, it definitely has character!

In writing this, I realize just how much detail and change has gone on during the 2 projects.  I am still in the 2.0.  After painting, then comes putting all the rooms together with the Kelly touch!  I am looking forward to everything!  To have the most interesting cosmetics, there has been much structural change and Kelly understands what needs to be changed.“

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Explore The Scrapbook

You can explore images from this project in a magazine-style digital publication now. This way, you will be able to discover the rooms as we intend you to, guided by our words. 

Kelly Gale Amen Houston Interior Designer | lesson in opulence

A Video Journey

Explore our project through one of our walkthrough videos, where you can get special insight on the creative process and even tips & tricks from Kelly himself. 

Got A Project?

While our waitlist is often full, we are always happy to discuss new and exciting projects. If you’ve got a space you think would benefit from Kelly’s expertise, simply get in touch with us with the Contact Form on the website (or by clicking the button below). You can always just give us a call too! 

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