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KGA Loft

Client: N/A

Date: 2018

Category: Kelly’s Own Loft

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If you want to enjoy life in downtown Houston, there is nothing better than a loft converted into an urban setup. This historic loft becomes home to some of the finest KGA art furniture to showcase its uniqueness and magnificent. There is enough open space to get creative with as well as a chance to receive natural light for perfect illumination of an ideal home.

The main attraction of this project is the use of additional cabinets for open closets to allow convenient and extra storage. There is ceramic art as well as fiber art and KGA functional art to display in this Urban Loft Living in order to make it one of the modern and highly usable homes.

The Urban Loft Living gives you a chance to enjoy an outdoor setup for relaxing in the sun or enjoying a chilly weather with your loved ones. There is a perfect blend of wood, stone and iron so that you can take pleasure in each and every texture of the nature.

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