Memorial Houston Family Home

Houston, Texas | Family Living

Memorial Family Home

A Houston family home is incomplete without a traditional Texas touch featuring the ranch style and perfect use of open space. The room that served as a living area originally has been converted to a modern and highly usable dining room housing a beautiful dining set and ample lighting. The original dining room now serves as a piano arena and a facility to house the wine cellar for having fun.

The main creativity of this project lies in the transformation of the client’s inventory area into something more useful and comfortable. The Memorial Houston Family Home features extraordinary furniture fabric and truly fantastic bed covers that bring out the beauty of the furniture and make it look cozy and warm.

The wooden dining table and the complementing surroundings make this home a true Texas abode for a small family who believes in the importance and advantages of living together in comfort and harmony.

A touch of Texas tradition creates the perfect, harmonious space in this small family dwelling. Extraordinary furniture fabrics and outstanding bed covers bring out the beauty of the furniture, providing warmth and comfort.

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