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Montrose Family Home

There is no place like home for a family where they can gather after a long and tiring day at work or college and spend some time in peace. Ultimate comfort is the theme of Montrose Family Home with everything designed to perfection to support the idea. Another subject that this project covers is change. As change is inevitable in life especially for the parents when their children grow up and start their own lives.

This home welcomes everyone in the family to have a peaceful and comfortable time when they return from their respective jobs. The entire three floors have been transformed into a new space; the ground floor serving as an office, the second floor becomes the Master Suite as well as an apartment for the daughter. The attic has been re-designed to become an abode for the son.

There are multiple layers of color, texture and scale in the Montrose Family Home, which becomes home to amazing collections from around the world.


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Ultimate comfort and the inevitability of change are the themes of this welcoming family home: a colorful, creative mix of communal space and individual hideaways perfect for the evolving needs of work, study, and play.

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