Montrose High-rise

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Montrose High-rise

Montrose High Rise is the ideal second home with two bedroom and two bath units as well as a balcony that gives the opportunity to see the city lights and enjoy the skyline. The brilliant use of colors mixed with mirror and beautiful shades are some of the highlights of this project.

Beautiful art pieces and oriental rugs as well as colorful fabrics on furniture further make this home a cozy and inviting abode. The theme speaks of someone well-versed in art and literature and its many forms. A new concept of shelving has been introduced to this high-rise home for convenient and practical storage.

The timelessness of oriental and modern rugs has been further enhanced with leather furniture and an expansive dining area. The bedrooms are neat and cozy – just the right combination in today’s fast-paced world. The elaborate bathrooms are filled with all the modern amenities to make your experience truly luxurious.

Beautiful art pieces, timeless oriental rugs, and colorful fabrics make this second home a cozy and inviting respite from today’s fast-paced world.

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