Houston, Texas | Vertical Living

Museum District High-rise Living

The heart of Houston has been converted into a beautiful high-rise loft for those who enjoy layered structures. This one comes with an industrial flare for adding to the fun and creativity. Some of the highlights of this project include rolling doors, open ducts, use of mirror in the passageways, and the excellent use of space.

The loft is compact yet highly usable in terms of capacity as it is a vertical setup with multiple layers. Cubic space has been put to use by installing the client’s collection of art all around.

Available furniture has been placed at just the right angles to create a comfortable setting where a good number of people can be entertained at the same time. There is also a study room or library with a computer table to allow the client some privacy in case there’s something important that needs to be done.

If you endorse the best use of space and want to showcase the best of your collections, Museum District High Rise Living is for you.

A beautifully layered, high-rise loft with an industrial flare. Rolling doors, open ducts, and mirrored passageways bring the client’s art collection to life.

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