New Orleans Penthouse

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New Orleans Penthouse

New Orleans Penthouse project is a perfect example of delivering the message “less is more” when it comes to redesigning to make excellent use of available space. The entire space is surrounded by windows to give a breathtaking view of the Crescent City and to create new dreams and possibilities with the loved ones. Three bedrooms and a large and open public space provide horde of opportunities to the interior designer who gives a unique definition to this entire capacity.

Enjoy the amazing night skyline or a crystal clear view of the sky in the day sitting in this beautiful and comfortable abode of yours. The possibility of having fun has been further increased with the help of an open kitchen with pull-up bar. Take in the beauty of the surrounding greens and cottons or indulge in the ecstasy of watching the amazing reflection of your home in mirrors in this stunning New Orleans Penthouse.

Ultimate comfort and the inevitability of change are the themes of this welcoming family home: a colorful, creative mix of communal space and individual hideaways perfect for the evolving needs of work, study, and play.

Client Testimonial

Liz Gober

The thing that I love about Kelly is his endless good nature and boundless energy. It gives me a boost just to be with him…

Kelly was referred to me by my niece who lives in Houston. My husband and I are in the process of making the transition from an active working life in Victoria, Texas to retirement in New Orleans, where I grew up and hoped to return someday.

I spoke to Kelly briefly on the phone and we planned to meet in Victoria so that he could see what would work in the new space. We then arranged to meet in New Orleans so that he could see our apartment and figure out what might best work for us there. I was somewhat apprehensive about having to give up some of the things I love, but realized that it would probably be necessary since we were going from forty five hundred square feet to twenty six hundred. Kelly was very reassuring and made me feel that we could make many things work in our new home.
We started working together about a year before our target moving date and it took most of that time to complete the project.

The thing that I love about Kelly is his endless good nature and boundless energy. It gives me a boost just to be with him and we have become good friends while working on this project together. He is generous with his time and I have never felt rushed when talking about choices we were making for the apartment. His taste falls into the eclectic category and I find that very refreshing. We were able to use most of the pieces I love best and mix those with some very modern Italian designs. Kelly’s choices of fabrics and trim for the upholstered pieces were impeccable. The finishes he had done on some of my wooden pieces were so beautiful and unexpected that it was like getting brand new furniture!

One of the best things about working with Kelly is his seamless organizational skills. When I thought about making this move, I was really worried about how it was going to be accomplished. Kelly helped us make the transition by taking some of the pieces to be worked on and arranged the furniture in our house that we could be comfortable in the interim. When we were ready for the move, he arranged for the movers to load everything in the trucks in the order to be brought in from the ground up.

Everything about working with Kelly made my life easier this last year and now that we are completely moved in I am so delighted that I have to pinch myself to think that I’m finally home.

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