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New Orleans Tavern Transformation

Client: L. G.

Date: January 2017

Category: Entire Home Redesign

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Nothing is more delightful than to transform an existing facility into something more creative and more usable. New Orleans Tavern Transformation is that kind of a project where you get a chance to experiment with a lot of things to create a warm, cozy and beautiful home for the client.

With a hidden garden, a modern staircase, a spacious terrace, a Master Suite with office on the ground floor and two bedrooms on the first floor, the transformed space speaks of home, comfort and luxury.

It was a wonderful experience embracing reclaimed woods for making cabinets and shutters and creating multi-lighting zones for a contemporary look. Working with stenciled concrete and making use of an old piano were some of the most fun-filled parts of this project. The evolved space has been designed to give you a touch of luxury as well as comfortable living in a cozy and clean environment.

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