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Client: Kelly Gale Amen

Date: Always

Category: Home Design

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The activities of an interior designer may to the cynical eye be reduced to monotony in the most arduous of circumstances. We take houses and make them into homes. We take empty spaces and turn them into living spaces for our clients. Our life is a streamline of consecutive projects. However, in every interior designer’s life there is a turning point: the moment where he or she needs to design their own living space.

Many issues arise. What style do I want? Do I make it completely new or do I turn it into a melange of all my previous projects? But if there is one thing I know, it is that things have a way of sorting themselves out. I therefore present you with my updated condo, which I constantly re-design as I sail through life.

This version is focused intensively on my passions, interests, and as of lately my dearest travel experiences. On the walls, the floors, and even on furniture you can find items with a deep and profound emotional value. And emotional value is – and you can quote me on this one – the most beautiful element in a home. I hope you will enjoy discovering my home.



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