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The Stafford Bench

A commemorative bench so special that it has visited several countries, continents, climates, and people. A commemorative bench that will go down in history along with the man to whom it is dedicated and after whom it is named: Lt. General Thomas P. Stafford. 

The Stafford Air & Space Museum® is named in honor of Lt. General Thomas P. Stafford, who has piloted Gemini and Apollo spacecraft, as well as commanded the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Mission.

The bench features laser-cut spacecraft images drawn by General Stafford specifically for this project. Also incorporated into the design of the bench is General Stafford’s laser-cut signature. The KGA Lt. Gen. Thomas P. Stafford Astronaut Commemorative Museum Bench allows you to support The Stafford Air & Space Museum, located in weatherford, Oklahoma.

The proceeds  from the sale of the benches will be used to improve the Stafford Air & Space Museum’s educational programs and interactive exhibits.

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A Visit In Moscow

There are many reasons why The Stafford bench is special. One of these reasons is that it is still gracing the American Embassy in Moscow, Russia. 

In turbulent times, space is often a reminder of how small we truly are as human. If we dare to look up and at least try to comprehend the vastness of space, we shall without a doubt understand that our only choice is to hold hands here on Earth, and to create peace. 

This bench continues to serve as a tribute to space and spatial exploration, but also to peace here on Earth. We invite you to meditate on its meaning and, if interested, to get in touch with us for more details. 

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