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Tanglewood Family Home

Location: Houston, TX

Date: March 2009

Category: Entire Home Redesign

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If you want to witness creativity squirting energy constantly with the help of amazing collections and a wall of mirror, see the Tanglewood Family Home coming to life within your neighborhood.

The entire space was transformed to give a completely new look and a new setup for enjoying the life to its fullest. The living room has been converted into a dining room, the breakfast room into a utility, and the family room into a modern parlor and game room. To complete this setup, the study has been transformed into a wine library.

One of the remarkable features of this family home is the amazing combination of colors and textures as well as the stone surfaces that look totally stunning and very homey. The space is an excellent display of family history with wonderful collections from around the world. Moreover, the stained glass used sparingly makes the area look more momentous.

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