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The Discus Pillow

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Hyacinthus was a youth of extraordinary beauty, and beloved by Thamyris and Apollo, who unintentionally killed him during a game of discus. Some traditions relate that he was beloved also by Boreas or Zephyrus, who, from jealousy of Apollo, drove the discus of the god against the head of the youth, and thus killed him. From the blood of Hyacinthus there sprang the flower of the same name (hyacinth), on the leaves of which there appeared the exclamation of woe.

2 1/2” gathered boxing and needlepoint center medallion.
Faces feature two layers of gathering and bordered with trim.
21” DIA x 6” D

The Discus or Disc is a motif seen in the myth of Krokus and Apollo. Apollo in his exuberance forgot that Krokus was a mortal and let the discus fly. The discus toss hurt Krokus so Apollo, in his grief, turned Krokus into a Crocus flower and out of this Discus sprouted a beautiful flower. This story is encapsulate by both the shape and flower on the Discus.

Source: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology.



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