The Hóra Pillow

“The four [Horai (Seasons)] were greeted by the twelve circling Horai (Hours), daughters of Khronos (Time), tripling round the fiery throne of the untiring Charioteer in a ring, servants of Helios that attend on his shining car, priestesses of the lichtgang each in her turn: for they bend the servile neck to the ancient manager of the universe.”

In Greek mythology Horae were the keepers of the seasons and the natural portions of time. In Egyptian Mythology Horus (cognate of Hora) protected the kings and guarded the rising and setting sun. The Hora is in the Shape of an Hour Glass and encapsulates both Space (Horos) and Time (Horae).

Source: Nonnus, Dionysiaca 12. 15 ff (trans. Rouse, Greek epic, 5th Century A.D.)



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