The Týmpano Pillow

The Tympano is a kind of wheel placed around an axle. Evoked on this pillow by an Axle of Ares with Wheels of Aphrodite.

The Odes and Carmen Saeculare

Wife of Ibycus the poor,
Let aged scandals have at length their bound:
Give your graceless doings o’er,
Ripe as you are for going underground.
YOU the maidens’ dance to lead,
And cast your gloom upon those beaming stars!
Daughter Pholoe may succeed,
But mother Chloris what she touches mars.
Young men’s homes your daughter storms,
Like Thyiad, madden’d by the cymbals’ beat

Cylinder with contrasting materials and textures.
3 layers of gathering, bordered with various trim.
9” DIA x 13 1/4” H



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