Kelly Gale Amen

Premium Interior & Furniture Design


Each KGA Original product is initially designed by the careful and creative hands of Kelly Gale Amen. Every piece, every color, and every pattern is a part of his intricate vision. We decided to allow you to enter the universe of sketching – the origin of the products you so love! 

“It is always necessary to bring color to our lives – but even that must be done wisely. For color to provide beauty, a good frame must be created. A relevant sketch. Only then can color succeed.” 


our creative values

Creativity runs free at KGA Design. Our goal is quality from all perspectives: from design and visual balance to the very fibers that are put together to create KGA Original Fabrics. 

Kelly Gale Amen Houston Interior Designer | KGA Sketch 23
Kelly Gale Amen Houston Interior Designer | KGA Sketch 15

Speaking Of Creation...

We would like to invite you to the world of KGA Cast Iron. The following video shows you the journey of every cast metal piece that you can see in the KGA Catalogue.