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Sustainability Through Timelessness: A Book

Sustainability is about building and utilizing things that last. So we think. But there are so many more layers to a sustainable lifestyle that it becomes almost impossible to perfect. However, a secret our team has found to achieve a highly cyclical sustainability is to focus less on the sustainable and more on the timeless and qualitative. Therefore, pieces that were selected because they do not belong to a trend or an era, and were manufactured flawlessly on US soil, without eventually employing any sort of intercontinental travel and its afferent emissions, became staples of the KGA Design Brand.

We wanted to explore just how deeply this passion for timelessness goes in our brand. You are probably no stranger to our Archive series. And because of that, you probably already know that we’ve been developing, while simultaneously maintaining, our signature style throughout five glorious decades. But what would happen if you wouldn’t know? What would happen if we presented you with images from several decades, and left the guessing to you?

We challenge you, in a new scrapbook, with exactly that: an initial collection of images from throughout the years, which you can place in time yourself. Our creative team has tried to do this with untraceable images, and failed. So, if you find yourself in a similar situation, our advice is simply to embrace the timelessness of our pieces, and, consequently, their sustainability. 


Read the Vintage Glam scrapbook here.

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