With Amen, client friends say hallelujah

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Houston Chronicle – Recognizes KGA Once More

Remember the golds and avocado greens of the ’70s, the blue-and-mauve interiors of the ’80s? We see those colors and...

KGA Renovates Melissa Bondy’s Home – Houston Chronicle

KGA Renovates Melissa Bondy’s Home Click this link to see this article in the Houston Chronicle   In the middle...

KGA Facing The Fallout

          Here is an article where Kelly talks about baldness and how to embrace who you...

KGA and the Steele Red Carpet Party Benefiting Corridor Rescue

Corridor Rescue sends volunteers out into the streets of Houston to feed the hundreds of strays lingering, hiding, scavenging for food and shelter.

Style: Two points of view from two designers

Style: Two points of view from two designers

Stories by Madeleine McDermott Hamm, Houston Chronicle Home Design Editor

Party at the home of Kelly Gale Amen with Mayor-Elect Annise Parker

Applause filled the home of interior designer Kelly Gale Amen when Houston's next mayor and first lady made a late-evening appearance at a Friday soiree.

KGA Featured in June Issue of Houston Chronicle’s Gloss

June 29, 2009

Kelly Gale Amen’s Dark & Stormy Décor

KGA is featured in the Houston Chronicle GLOSS special section in October 2005.

New Bench to Offer Solace to Visitors at Urban Oasis

Houston Chronicle, December 6, 2001 KGA, January 25

Special Affections

Texas Magazine, Houston Chronicle, July 1999

How to Use Art Posters and Prints in Design

One the best ways to maximize limited interior design resources is to collect art posters and prints. Early in his...