Kelly Gale Amen

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Waverly’s Colors of Provence

Traditional Home
1716 Locust Street Des Moines, Iowa 50809-3023 (515) 284-3762


With Waverly’s Colors of Provence fabrics, 10 top designers dress typical windows and doors in a wardrobe of bright ideas.

waverly“Modern bay windows don’t sit comfortably,” says Houston designer Kelly Gale Amen, mourning the good old days of bays deep enough for an afternoon’s nap. So the designer approaches modern bays from acoustical viewpoint, here using thick cushions of red Alsace cotton to muffle outside noise and an intense yellow Roman shade of Le Soleil to create trompe l’oeil depth. The curtains, on the other hand, are a moody collage: smoldering reds, sulphur yellows, glinting golds. Plus they are user-friendly. “A curtain left permanently in place is lifeless,” says Amen. Hung from golden rings threaded onto a rod upholstered in red/yellow Petite Paisley (inset), panels of red Calais cotton lined with yellow La Petite Ferme fall into bullion-fringed swags when opened wide and provide peekaboo glimpses of wall and moldings when closed.

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