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A Charitable Event At The Stafford Museum

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Our most dearest KGA partner Dennis Starks and his collaborators are on a mission to make the world a better place. It is our pleasure here at KGA Design to be involved in their latest project, The Caravan (, where they bravely travel up and down the country to stimulate a sense of community and, to quote them, ‘courageous conversations.’ 

In our last post, we reminisced about the Commemorative Bench dedicated to Lt. General Thomas P Stafford. This week, we give you something on top of that: in Texas, the Caravan’s next event will happen nowhere other than at the Thomas P Stafford Museum. And you, dear reader, are invited. Please join us for a delightful evening with an even more delightful purpose in the company of Dennis, his friends, and of course our very own Kelly Gale Amen. 

Details above! 

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