Kelly Gale Amen

Premium Interior & Furniture Design

Elevation & Growth

Stairways are often overlooked in the creation of a house, remaining a bland point that brings no design additions to the creative energy of the space. This is a mistake. Stairs connect the ground with the stars, often the living space with the spaces for rest and sleep and intimacy. Therefore, they must evoke this transition, and honor it.

How many times a day do you go down the stairs, and back up again? Up how many stairs? The geometry of them, their mathematical precision, the comfort of descent and ascent – all of these variables need to be precisely and respectfully decorated, to enhance the experience and support the cognitive transition from one energy to another. These stairs that we invite you to view today are one of our favorite examples within our collection, adding a modern and luminous touch to a space filled with love. Explore them with us! 

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