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The Magic of KGA, in Action: Leaders of Design, Houston 2024

The magic of KGA never stops, be it sunny or rainy. We’ve made it through the Covid pandemic, we’ve made it through civil unrest, and we continue to make it, because our mission is to inspire and spread interior joy. From that perspective, we are grateful – to make magic out of the abstract, while simultaneously playing with the rigidity of woods and metals, is fun. So for that reason, we say we’ve never really worked a day in our lives. 

The truth, however, is that behind our magic there is a team that works incredibly hard, under the patronage of Kelly Gale Amen. And we could not be more honored to be celebrated by the Leaders in Design event that is about to take place this May in Houston, Texas. We recommend keeping an eye on this space, because we’re about to present something big, something flowy… something tactile. Or shall we say… textile? 

Stay tuned for more! 

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