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Kelly Gale Amen Celebrated as Leader of Design in Houston

Last week, our designer Kelly Gale Amen has been celebrated in Houston at the Leaders Of Design ceremony for his outstanding five decades of excellence and vision in interior enhancement.

Filled with his usual humour and advice galore for all the members of the audience, Amen expressed his gratitude towards all of his friends, customers, and collaborators throughout the years. Kelly then gracefully received his award and announced a new and exciting venture: a journey into the world of pashminas.

Sourced through a family-owned manufacturing entity from Kashmir, India, KGA Design pashminas display the vivacious KGA patterns that for decades have been enlightening homes on cushions, drapes, rugs, and bedding. That’s right – you can now wear KGA patterns.

With more details coming soon, we could not be more excited to what the future holds, and would like to thank everyone involved in the Leaders of Design event – with a special mention to Diane Cowen, whose undying support and devotion throughout the years could not mean more to our brand and identity.

Watch this space!

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