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KGA And The Oklahoma Art Collection: Into The Future

Have you heard? The Oklahoma State Art Collection ( within the Oklahoma State Capitol is reopening Fall 2022 with a fresh new face! As proud members of the collection, we at KGA Design could not be more excited for the re-opening, for several reasons.

Firstly, the collection is under the careful patronage and direction of Amber Sharples, a true visionary when it comes to arranging, honouring, and promoting art. Secondly, as a born and raised Oklahoman, Kelly Gale Amen’s work has been displayed in the gallery for years and is now being re-arranged in the new landscape. 

While we do have some details about how the new display will look, we choose not to disclose but rather to invite you to explore the collection on your own when it re-opens. However, what we will do is invite you to take a stroll along with us down memory lane, all the way to 2008 when we unveiled the KGA Bench at the collection. To this day we remember the emotions and pride we felt when our bench appeared in front of the most relevant people of Kelly’s home state. 

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our immense gratitude to Ms. Sharples, whose vision we commend and quite frankly adore. Excitement and thrill are rare after fifty years of interior design, and Ms. Sharples managed to awaken these emotions within our team. We quite simply cannot wait to see the new gallery! 

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