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New Graphics For The Social Book

The Social Book is and has been a very notable and dear part of our journey here at KGA Design. We’ve been collaborating with the incredible and very much visionary Scott Evans from the early days of the book, and are always happy to interact with the publication’s new events. 

Recently, we’re launched a series of new advertisements for the publication, which you can catch in the new edition of the Social Book come the end of this year. Our digital designer, Adrian Matei, worked directly with our chief designer Kelly Gale Amen to create a series of four commercial graphic pieces that capture the ethos of the KGA Design brand. What resulted is a collection that we find inviting and forward-looking. 

With these four pieces, and the newer and newer projects coming along the KGA Design journey, we can’t help but be increasingly excited for what the future holds.

For more information on The Social Book, visit 

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