KGA Featured in Houston House & Home Magazine: July 2006

Reprinted with Permission Houston House & Home Magazine



Name of company: Kelly Gale Amen Design

Years in business: 34 years

Favorite materials to work with: Wool, stone and bronze

What types of furniture do you most often make? Functional surfaces, tables, benches

Describe your design style: My art furniture is simple – taper of leg, square at the knee, curved at the apron.functional on all accounts.

What are your influences? Nature, travel, people

Favorite architect: Frank Gehry

Favorite interior designer: Michael Taylor

What’s the hippest place to buy furniture in town? Blue Bird Circle

If you had to furnish your house with furnishings from one time period, what would it be? The best and most unusual from each period

What do you enjoy most about furniture design? The ability to always stretch and grow

How can you be reached? Kelly Gale Amen Design, P.O. Box 66447, Houston, Texas 77266-6447


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