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Pattern 5/15

*Available to be printed as wallpaper, as a rug, or embroidered as a textile fabric

[ In Action ]

We’ve comprised some images of this pattern printed/embroidered in real life – so that you may get a hint of what it really looks like! 

We take great pride in our patterns looking just as advertised, and are proud to show you evidence. 

KGA Design prides itself in the originality of our creations. If you are curious about the creative process that creates the pattern you see above (and more), then join us and discover our sketch page. 

No promises, but there might also be an insight in our welding and cast metal furniture creation processes too! 

Kelly Gale Amen Houston Interior Designer | K 8 9 original sketch
Kelly Gale Amen Houston Interior Designer | Fiber Image


Original Patterns

Thank you for your interest in KGA Original Patterns. Each of our patterns is designed and manufactured with the utmost care and precision in the United States. Each model can be applied to a rug, wallpaper and fabric. 


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